The time we saw a King, and a Ship

Hamar met us with changing weather, nights which never get dark, new challenges, and interesting news- the King and the Queen of Norway were going to visit!! Everybody was quite excited to meet him. Waiting for that even, we didn’t seen how time flew by.


Changing rain and sun added a bit of spice for the market, but after Tonsberg we at least had the possibility to warm up. Music, performers, people- market was in its fullest! :}IMGP2533.jpg

And then – Sunday, was the day. A lot of excited people, next to the gates, everybody is happy, and even weather became stable for a bit (and even slightly warmer). And here, the King and Queen arrives!


I had only seen them for a short while, cause works never ends, but it was impressive :}


On the way back after festival we stopped in Oseberg ship museum, and it was amazing!!! Filled with history and new inspirations we went home.



Also managed to get between two storms on the road from Oslo to Sweden :} And now, sipping tea on a sofa at home I’m gladly remembering this Norway trip, and getting ready to conquer the next countries!





About mud kingdom and party which never stops

Skipping Oslo  medieval market (quite lovely one, but im to lazy to write) ill tell you about my most recent Tonsberg market. Loveliest place with amazing sunsets and view. top of the mountain, atmospheric and nice…… that how i remembered it from last year…LrMobile1406-2016-021985921145442583LrMobile1406-2016-023585337146231879.jpg

I came there earlyer and spent few days in Tonsberg. It was sunny and hot, an seemed like it will be perfect weather.And the point we put tents up it was exactly like that. In the evening it got bit colder and there were few drops, but even that didnt rang an alarming bell.


Next morning started with slight rain. and then more, and more, and more… and….. welcome to our mud kingdom!!


Despite bad weather mood was never bad. The bar tent and lovely people were around and party never stopped. A lot of beer (after work hours of course) and music lead this festival, and amazing bands were playing. LrMobile1406-2016-024585347122140927LrMobile1406-2016-024085341964560426LrMobile1406-2016-020985790467410940LrMobile1406-2016-021185792480229683.jpeg

Now, after finally getting hot shower and warmth of the bed, and ready to head up to my next destination – Hammar, I can honestly sum up, that im happy to be there, and experience everything what happened. See you in Hammar!



Our markets this year

To all our friends and customers we are publishing our summer schedule.  We hope to meet you on one of this markets :}

26/28 May Oslo Middelaldermarked, NO

2/4 June Tonsberg Middelalderfestival, NO

1/2/4 June Bjorgvin Vikingmarket, NO

2/5 June Kobenhagen Medival Market, DK

8/11 June Karmoy Vikingmarket, NO

9/11 June Hamar Middelaldermarket, NO

17/18 June Esrum Middelalderdage, DK

24/25 June Spectaculum Basthorst, DE

30/2 June Foteviken Vikingmarked, SE

30/2 July Stallarholmen Vikingmarked, SE

1/2 july The small Borre market, NO

7/9 July Egge Vikingmarket, NO

7/9 July Trelleborg vikingmarked, SE

15/16 July Froja Ting Vikingmarked, SE

19/23 July Gudvangen Vikingmarked, NO

27/29 July Saltvik Vikingmarked, FI

29/30 July Moesgaard Vikingtreff, DK

6/13 August Medeltidsveckan on Gotland, SE

25/27 August Askoy Vikingmarked, NO

8/10 September Tonsberg Vikingfestival, NO

More markets can appear during summer so keep up with us :}

See you there


Back on the road

So, i am back. After long winter, hectic packing, some flight issues and timing issues, i am back here and already on the road :} Jpeg

First market this year we did together with Tone and it was Runerikets dag.

It was lovely because of two reasons: quite lovely weather, and even more lovely neighbours.


Yes, you saw it quite correctly, that’s a graveyard. This market took place next to the Vallentuna kyrka, and even bit strange neighborhood wasn’t bothering. Warm weather convinced us also to open swimming season in the Valentunasjon. Water was bit dirty and bit cold, but that never stopped us.

Packing down was light and full of joy. Summer finally came to our premisses and kept us in cheerful mood. IMGP2423

Journey home was slightly complicated and looooooooong, but we made it in one go :} IMGP2428IMGP2431

Now I am getting ready for 3 weeks in Norway, and i will see you in Oslo middelalderfestival, Tønsberg middelalderfestival and Hamar Middelalderfestival.

See you there!




How to crash, burn and fly

We have officially started the summer market season 2017. And this year it was unusually adventurous and chaotic even for us.

In the end of April, me and Elias went out on a two weeks market tour in Germany. It´s been 5 years since the company  visited a market in our beautiful neighbor to the south. And since we were traveling all the way to the border of Germany and Switzerland, we knew we had a long trip ahead of us (in all more than 3000 km). So we chose the most comfortable of our three vans..

We got about 8 km of the initial 1200 before the car broke down the first time.


That time the problem was easily remedied and we only lost an hour. 🙂 And we got as far as Landskrona before the serious issues started. Pulling out from a gas station the engine gave up. 😦 Hmm We slept in the car and come morning had to get the car towed by road assistance. Fortunately, Elias has a cousin on the beautiful island of Ven. So we stayed the night to await the final judgement from the workshop.

On Monday we had already lost 2 days and the day did not improve when the workshop called. New engine was the verdict and on a car almost 20 years old it is the same as a death sentence. So we got a rental and drove the 500 or so km back home to get a different car. Came back to Skåne and repacked between cars the next morning. 3 days lost and time was running out. We had to cancel all appointments on the way to the market and just get there in time. Hurry hurry, rice and curry. 1200 km not an issue.. 😉

And we did get a long way into Germany before the next issues arised. With many hundred kilometers to go the generator started giving up. And with a modern diesel engine no electrical power equals car stopping. By faith and will alone we managed to get to the market on the last swirling ions in the battery and then our second car for the trip drew its last breaths and died.

Luckily Elias was hungry as a bear when we visited the supermarket before we got there, so the changes of starving and freezing in the German Schwartwald were kept to an survivable rate. But we realized we would not get anywhere before the market was finished and we could fix the car.

Our first market was Freienfelser Ritterspiele. (you can visit their page at It was really a big market with around 2000 participants and more than 300 tents. What we quickly found out, was how well organized the market was and how nice and helpful all the reenacters and traders were. Only minus on the market, was the temperature in the nights, at its worst a nice and comfy -7.

Leaving home we never contemplated that having the grand opening of our new web shop while being on a market would ever constitute a real problem. We were going to Germany, Europes strong castle and technological mastermind. What could go wrong they have high speed internet too..?? or? not maybe. Atleast not in the middle of the wilderness of south Germany on a middle age market. And alas we did not have a car, we could also not visit any other town, city or any civilized hub of humanity. So when the time came when we were supposed to open the web shop on Friday night, nothing was finished and we were a bit panicked. In a last effort to reach for the sky, we climbed the nearest mountain. IN the night in the freezing cold and wetness we spent 3 hours climbing and stretching our phones to the sky in a feeble hope of heavenly connection. And managed, only to get a notice from our roster that it would get online ASAP, probably in a few hours or so.. To cry or to laugh. We drank some wine and went to bed.

At least we had done all we could and the web shop was finally opened after 18 moths of nail biting hard work. 😛

Between the markets we visited some very good friends in the Mosel tal. O boy how beautiful the area is, and how good the wine they make. Not having time to fix the car properly we had stocked up on several truck batteries and kept switching them to get to our destination.


With only 1 kilometer to reach the last market, all batteries were finished. But with more batteries and more cables we managed to get there!


The last marked was a ”Mittelalter Phantasie Spectaculum” MPS in german. As they say, it is not authentic, it is phantastic. And it was realy a cool new experience for us. I saw people dressed like Sauron, Jacks Sparrow, orcs and Indiana jones. It was a mix of larp, cosplay, reenactment and a middle age market.

You can visit their page at

The way home was long and tedious and took 46 hours. But still with some small adventures. At the ferry terminal in Poland we saw a flock of wild bore. While Elias approached them to take a picture, I was hiding behind a truck, thinking about how to climb it. The biggest easily weighed 200 kg.


This is the best picture he got. From a distance of only 7-8 meter.

Now we are home again, doing office work and preparing for Runrikets dag in Stockholm in the weekend. A market a little more close to home and hopefully a little easier to finish.

We are truly sorry that the web opening was a bit late and that we had some issues in communicating on FB in the last weeks. But now you know why. And remember even if me and Elias and everyone else on the Nordlys team is out for markets. We always have Bibbi at home, answering the office phone and sending out your orders. So even if our truck stops, burns or flies, we will be on the next market with you and your order is safely being delivered in an environmentally friendly way. No matter what! Because we are Vikings.


Nordlys Viking

P.s. I plan to soon post a market calender for the season of 2017  so you know where we will be and when. no promises.. 😉

It´s finally happening! On Friday the 28th of April at 00:01 a.m. Our web shop opens…



The date is set. The shop is opening.

The date will be Friday the 28th of April at 00:01 a.m. in GMT+1.

And of course we´ll have some fantastic offers to get the party going;

  1. The first 24 hours we will give you free shipping inside Europe on all orders! And for customers outside of Europe, shipping at a flat 50 SEK (approx 5€) rate on any order.
  2.  We will post a discount code on our Facebook page. Share it and use it! Will be valid until Monday for an additional 5% discount on your whole order.
  3. From opening midnight on Friday until Monday, we offer up to 50% discount on selected items. Some of the offers will be surprise offers, popping up during the weekend
  4. The first 50 new customers who makes an order, we will give a gift. They will receive a set of  5 hand made replicas of real Swedish Viking beads. The beads will come in a beautiful textile gift bag. All free of cost. 

Amazing discounts all thru the weekend!

For the whole first weekend

we will offer 50% discount on all glass beads.

10% off on all Decorative hand forged Viking swords.

20% off on selected horn handicraft.

Up to 30% discount on selected jewelry.

And many more offers that you will be able to find in the shop between Friday morning and Sunday night.

All orders shipped within 24 hours on weekdays. Customer care phone weekdays between 10:00 and 12:00. You can always reach us on


Here is a screenshot of some of the horn items that will be available in the shop.

Skjermbilde 2017-04-17 kl. 18.35.18