About the time we got a house

Lets jump a week before Gudvangen and all road stories, and remember a moment, when we had an actual house. You see, with amount of moving we are doing, concept of house and something that has more than fabric walls, is so transparent, that it almost doesnt exist.

So we are comming to this small and new for us market called Froja thing and the first and quite usual problem we are facing- we are quite big. The spot we had to get was in front of lovely historical house from Gotland. And just by putting our tent there, we would block the whole street. Trying to solve up the issue we are staring at the walls of  the house, and the great idea comes to life- why dont We just cover the house with our roof. Measurements are similar, fix is easy….. well it required slight climb up the walls. But being monkeys by nature its not a big deal. So we ocupied a house and there is the result.



This slightly crazy idea really helped us the last day of the market, when due to rain and wind market had to be closed hour earlyer, and we heared about storm just from complaining outside and raindrops coming from windows.

The one down feeling of that was to take roof down. As this time everything was wet. Not without our friends help we managed to finish everything in time and hit the road before getting soaked. This short stay benieth 4 walls reminded of nice feeling having home. One day we will settle down, but for now- hit the road again.



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