Those dark and twisty roads


I hadn’t got a time to write recently, so ill go with two stories this time, and will start from the roads.

Roads have quite symbolical meaning in our lives They start and end, same as we do, they take us from place to place, they can be pleasant, can be hard, same as some moments  our lives. In viking traders life roads play even bigger value. They are our life.

This trip hadn’t had a proper start, we rushed from one market, slept a bit, and rushed to another. Estimate driving time – 12 hours. With the little rest we had, and the single ounce of energy left we were on our last leg. Rest would come on Gudvangen, with slow and almost week-long festival.

Narrow and twisty Norwegian roads didn’t allow to go fast, but we had time, even if it was bit tight. Few stops for coffee and food on the road and by the dusk we reached the bottom of the mountains. The point we climbed the top was already dark. North nights are not as dark as south ones, but on the top of the mountain you couldn’t see more than car lights light in front of us. And so concentrated on the road we didnt noticed exactly moment when lights got dimmer. Slight rain knocked on our front window and the point i turned wipers, they were working slow motion. ”This is bad” was the thought which almost visibly appeared in the car. Meanwhile outside started to get foggy. And the thicker fog became, the less we saw on the road. Get down from the mountains – that was the only instinct which was left.



Lights from the car almost went off, and Linus had to stick his hand with flashlight out, so road would be visible. Slowly and in tensed silence we left kilometers behind. It wasnt scary. There was just one goal – to get us down from the mountains. Linus hand got stiff from cold outside, and he had to get it inside. That was the point we almost reached serpentine down from the mountains. Night was dying giving its velvet darkness away and visibility became bit better. And as we were rolling downhill, and i was slightly slowing down the car, all front panel went down and reset. At the same moment lights went off. Extremely carefully I started road down from the mountains. Dont ask me how, i will be not able to tell you, but i got us down safely. Grey morning light was a good reward for an effort, and few hours from our destination point made us more optimistic.

Now it was just to drive till Gudvangen, without turning of the car. Biological body imperfections forced us to make a short stop, and knowing what car cant be turned off, we just thought to leave it on, but as soon as I stopped the car, engine shut off. We tried to turn it on, without any visible result. And then again, and again. Nothing. So there we were. At 3 am, middle of now where, with dead car. Just to mention, all communication devices where as well pretty much dead.

Except my old brick phone, which had few numbers on it, and tiny bit of battery. So we tried to stop cars which were passing by. No result. We tried to call somebody to drag us till the place, nobody answered (quite logical, normal people are sleeping at this point). And at the point we gave up, what was few hours later, and thought- we will just try luck later, in daytime, two cars drives into road sideways where we stopped, and offered to help. Our hopes were revived again. After few unlucky tries to charge our accumulator, we decided to push-start a car. Again sidenote- I never done that before. But learning process didn’t took long, and after second try motor made its first roar. Back on the road, so close to destination, we almost can feel it. No stops, that was mutual agreement. Just to make it till our destination. But Gods had other plans.

I missed the turn. Mistake which is fixed quite easily just by turning car around. Unless you have car like ours. Which stopped. Again. Blocking all the road. At least this time firs car which was driving by stopped. Car pushed again, started, and one more effort…..

Didnt last long.

The first uphill tunnel which we entered, was the last one. Heavy car, made few angry roars and completely died. Dragged by its own weight its rolls down the hill, with almost not working brakes, and just by some kind of magic i rolled it into a stop spot in front of tunnel. That was it. We can’t make it on our own.

That was as well the point when Linus went ”Fcuk it, im calling my mum.”

We got arranged pulling car, which came quite quickly, and you know what, we stopped just 15 minutes from Voss. Both of us dead tired, but show must go on, so we get a rental car. And at that point Linus tells me that he doesn’t want to die, so im going to sleep, and he will repack the car. I got an hour nap while he repacked full car on his own ( amazingly crazy men :} ) and we got on a road again. With a slight detour  called the wrong turn, we reached Gudvangen in 1,5 hours.  After 21 hour of  traveling that was it, we made it!!!!

Photo not mine, i was to exhausted to take any.


We slept for few hours in Karins tent (thank you, darling, for that) And slightly restored we faced the new tricky bit- we have to place a tent at, by this time, quite highly populated market. Our tent is… not big, not small -10 by 5 meters. There were limited quite limited possibilities, time was running out, because we had to return rental car same day. We spotted one of houses yard, where we could fit, but there were no entrance. And being already enough crazy, we decide- we will just make entrance!


Easy fix to house tent were made by Linus, and with slight hectic running around and driving forward and backward to Voss (50 km away) we set up our home. IMGP2920

And there the market starts. Not as calm as we were expecting, but nice and warming. With a lot of friends, fires, songs and amazing atmosphere.

Jurney home were bit more tricky. We had to get rental car again, pack everything in there, then unpack to our, already fixed car, and drive, because its next market on the way, and we are extremely short in time. So little sleep, lots of coffee. Slight freaking up when i drove same road back. Because it was scary, even in daylight.


And the only thing i was thinking was- haw i at all made it through it at night. More coffee, using our last energy, and at just yesterday (more- today), 3 am- we are home. Safe, just few extra grey hair, and ready for new, hopefully more pleasant adventures. As soon as we will get shower  and sleep. Because these things make you sweat.

See you on the road!

Yours Chesh


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