About cosy markets

There are markets, and there are Markets.  Last  two markets can easily be named one of the cosiest markets. Stallarholmen and Treleborgen, located quite far from each other, kept last two weeks in one simple word- cosy. And if i would expect that from Stallarholmen, market which im not first time in, Trelleborgen gave us a nice surprise.


Trip there started with with a train. our car was waiting for us at Foteviken, viking village in south of Sweden. So we packed our small luggages, backpacks, bags, packages and so on, and Onwards!!!!


Trip well relatively smooth, we got lost only for short a times and minimum casualties. It took not long, not short- about 10 hours, and the point we reached our car we were quite happy.

Linus having his beauty nap on the train :}

With few extra circles around trelleborg, we got to our destination. This time we had a big tent to put up which was first time for me this year, so we took our time with figuring out, how does that thing works at all.

Linus trying to be smart and fx everything in manly ways

Some time later..

And later…

and later….

We managed to put it up!!!!


And exhausted went to sleep. Next day was promising to be long and full of work. :}

Thats tiny pile of stuff when we are unpacking the car :}


Rigging up went quite well, we even found time to help other latecommers to rig their tents. Weather was hot, and we made a decision, next day, ater workday finishes to go swimming. Whats said, must be done, and the fact, that temperature quite dropped day after couldnt stop us.IMG_2200.JPGIMG_2201.JPGIMG_2202.JPG

Boys checked the water first, and after making sure its definitely not toxic, but maybe slightly cold, tried to convince ladies to get in. My *for english speakers- its a name which is pronounced [Mui’]* needed quite a strong convincing, but after several minutes even she dipped into cold water cuddly arms. IMG_2207IMG_2211.JPG


During next day’s merchant workshop which had all of us running around like smiling suns, we managed to get a hold of two tickets to the evenings festivities. Said and done, we arrive with cutlery and empty stomachs and enjoyed the last hours of sun with fantastic conversations and singing. The food was alright and the drinks were a plenty, so much so that a sport was created from the overflow.


wich minion now proudly holds the record for.


With evenings cosy and fun and days hectic we relaxed and were expecting to have smooth pack-up. But no, Gods of Trading have good sence of humour, and after having half car packed in, we discovered that:


After panicking for a bit, and being stupid with decisions, we manage to find temporary fix, which, as we thought, will hold till nearest workshop. And you know what- there was nothing wrong with the tyre. So road again, and lets believe that our next market will keep as cosy as previous ones :}






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