About Quite spectacular Spectaculum

Had you seen an orc family, or a casually walking Sauron between pirates? I had. Because thats Spectaculum- one of the more than usual strange, crazy, and what to say- quite spectacular market. IMGP2615

After spending few extra days in a small Danish paradise, we jumped in our car, and went to a far land for us- Germany. Spending night in a small camping nearby, i had only one problem- fow to explain size of my historical tent. Almost convinced lady that its one of our smaller tents (she wasnt speaking english, so i had to convince her in german (and lets admit it, in german I speak not more than a penguin)) But it went all god, exept bit expensive, and we (me and my small bro) were entartaining camping people by trying to put up tent very fast, in the rain. Next morning 9 am, was setup date for getting my tent spot.

Thats, by the way, was the orc family i was talking about :}

Next morning was not as smooth as it was expected. We had to sait for a tentspot for extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemly long time, and wind and rain didnt helped at all.  But with  good amount of  coffee and good companioship of other our freezing neighbours, we were patient enough to wait for it. It was quite different from markets i had been, to the point  they had their own money,  which some of them were so heavy, you could kill somebody, if u accidently would throw it.  Weather was almost nice to us and our tent, possibly tired from flying away on previous market, or just because tones of ropes, which were holding it, didnt even moved in a wind.


And when market actually started, i was really amazed by 2 things:

1: people are tottaly ignoring storm weather and comming half naked

2: Amount of people doing that.

It was fun, and amazing to be part of it. and deffenetelly unforgettable experiece, half bacause apparently i can speak german, because quite little amount of people speak english.  And qite a lot of unwriten, or written in german rules, which i had to follow without knowing it, made it quite interesting asa first time market. So just small note to myself- i need to learn german.

Mother of fiersome dragon :}


Unfortunetelly stage was quite far, so i couldnt hear music during daytime, but party for market participants was quite amazing!IMGP2611.jpg


So ya, Spectaculum was quite spectacular, nice, we made new friends, but what to say, im really glad to be back home in Sweden. Markets now are homebased and the only thing i can say now is….


See ya further




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