About time, when our tent tried to play Wizard of Oz, but tottaly failed.

So, my next destination Denmark. Hadn’t been there in a while, market was new – sounds promising. On the road again!!IMG_20170615_122414

Unexpected adventures started when my navigation, instead of getting me to Copenhagen, got me to Helsingborg, and told that i have to take a ferry. To all my arguments, that want to take a bridge, it reacted one way- it stopped working. So im there, in the middle of Helsingborg, I have to pick two people, and I have no idea where to drive. Id say that amazing start. After cookie brake, i remembered, that i am strong an independent women, can actually read, and looked for the signs down to Malmo. Hour and a bit and i crossed the bridge!


and yess, my car window needs slight cleaning :}

Getting to Kopenhagen was easy part. Now the funny part- getting through the city and finding place where i have to pick up people. 40 minutes and few hysteria later i managed to park my car next to central station,  grabbed Markus and Max,and some food before that, and we went on the road. Getting to the Esrum kloster (that’s the market place) was not easier, we missed roads couple of time. Without navigation it was quite tricky, but in the end we got there.  First night went without any adventures, we put up our tent and went to sleep. Next day we were going to rig it up, so we needed all energy we could get.

In the night wind became stronger, and sides of our tent were flapping like wings of huge bird, but that was more annoying than alarming. Nest day was mostly sunny, bits of rain, wind appeared just occasionally and we just sometimes had to hold our tent, so it would not fly away (and believe me, it tried its best).  We were working on our setup and day seemed fine until whooosh, one, not even strongest, gasp of wind lifted our tent and turned tentroof  all way to the other side! And then the wind was gone. Like nothing happened. 16062017192 We got stunned for the moment. Then, like still dreaming we started to look what can be fixed, and actually fixing it.16062017196

Two hours later, we fixed tent and in the evening everything was ready for an upcomming festival. And it was sunny, even hot, like nothing happened at all. IMGP2545IMGP2542.jpg



Now, looking forward to Germany, Spectaculum market, i quite hope that it will be calmer and easier :}

Hey do!


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